where can i download pinyin software for a mac

why is it so hard to download chinese language pinyin input software for a mac i can find many sites that claim to have it, such as google pinyin, but i can never find the actual download button. there are other sites where i downloaded the software but it doesn't work once downloaded. thanks.

you dont need that.ok, go to your mac's settings. then download software press international. then go to the input menu and choose any chinese input method cangjie, pinyin, etc and then next to the clock icon on the top bar of your mac, you should see canadian english or us extended' or something with an americancanadian flagright click that and there should be a drop down menu, and pick pinyin. type in the pinyin somewhere and there should be a drop down menu of possiblitiesd good luck

you forgot to mention your computer type (model and processor) and os version. my answer is for macbook pro 2.66 ghz and os 10.6.7.pinyin input is called itabc as an international standard and that was the term in os 10.5.8 and earlier, but most people latest software download are not familiar with this term, so apple has changed the name of this input to pinyin - simplified. in system preferences > language & text > input sources, put a check for chinese - simplified (if not from taiwan or hong kong), and a check for pinyin - simplified. quit system preferences. go to the document where you want to use characters. before you type, go to the flag icon in the top menu bar, and choose pinyin - simplified. when you type wang, for example, you will see 9 character choices. click the character you want, and then press the spacebar. if you want a character not among those 9. press the down arrow key to see the remaining 6 choices (wang has only 15 choices in this dictionary).the choice of input method is applied to each app individually. you can choose to type in chinese characters for one app, and in western letters for another.if you are not using standard chinese, such as from taiwan or hong kong, please always mention that. it needs a different answer. http://www.lovesoftware.net/