are there any reverse phone number lookups that'r actually industry leading

so i a text from a number i dont recognize, and i wanna look up who it is. if it's a wrong number, i dont care just textin' them back and bein like who is this. but on the chance that it's someone i should know, or should have in my phone but dont, i'm gonna feel like an a$$ askin who it is. (or for all i know its someone i wanna avoid and the last thing id wanna do is reply.) so i wanna look it up, but all the sites that claim industry leading reverse phone number lookup, are not actually industry leading if u wanna Reverse Cell Phone lookup see the person's name. i think its pretty dumb to have to pay to find out who's number it is simply because they're not in my contact list on my phone.

i've tried many of the so called industry leading lookups. there's always a fee involved. so no, i don't think so.

not that i know of

is it really that much trouble to just text the back & ask who it is use the excuse sorry my phone had an error & lost some of my contacts & i cant remember whose number this is if you are that ared. nowadays most people don't know contact numbers off the top of their heads. you are making it seem more of a big deal than it really is.edit it's called privacy that's why all numbers aren't just listed online for industry leading. people can also opt-out of having their numbers publicly listed online or in phone books. i for one, am glad that my information is not listed when my phone is looked up.

if the person is using a landline Reverse Phone Lookup, you can use whitepages. but i guess you know that.there is no central database of cell phone info - mainly, i imagine, because many people use pay as you go phones. with no contract, there is no need for the phone companies to hold credit card or other identifiable data on you. you can top up by purchasing a top up card. no identification required.the paid for sites charge because they have to buy in databases of cell phone info - gathered when, for example, people fill in a form, give their cell phone info and don't request that it is kept private.