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i've tried many of the so called industry leading lookups

Posted by Jaiie Jaiie on Thursday, December 13, 2012,
are there any reverse phone number lookups that'r actually industry leading

so i a text from a number i dont recognize, and i wanna look up who it is. if it's a wrong number, i dont care just textin' them back and bein like who is this. but on the chance that it's someone i should know, or should have in my phone but dont, i'm gonna feel like an a$$ askin who it is. (or for all i know its someone i wanna avoid and the last thing id wanna do is reply.) so i wanna look it up, but all the si...
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you dont need that.ok, go to your mac's settings

Posted by Jaiie Jaiie on Thursday, December 6, 2012,
where can i download pinyin software for a mac

why is it so hard to download chinese language pinyin input software for a mac i can find many sites that claim to have it, such as google pinyin, but i can never find the actual download button. there are other sites where i downloaded the software but it doesn't work once downloaded. thanks.

you dont need that.ok, go to your mac's settings. then download software press international. then go to the input menu and choose any chinese input method c...
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